Optomap and Glaucoma

Dr. Jacobs highly recommends you to have an Optomap® Retinal Exam, as part of your annual comprehensive eye exam. The Optomap generates an instantaneous, ultra-wide digital scan of your retina, assisting Dr. Jacobs in detecting any signs of eye disease.

The Optomap is fast and comfortable for patients of all ages. The test takes only minutes to perform, capturing a 200 degree view of your retina in only a quarter of a second. The Optomap is especially helpful to your doctor because it provides a permanent baseline record of the condition of your retina for comparison during your future eye exams.

Nothing touches your eye during the process and best of all the Optomap Retinal exam does NOT require dilating drops which typically cause blurred vision and sensitivity to light for hours.

Optomap® can detect early signs of numerous diseases that affect not only your eyes and your sight, but other areas of your body as well. These diseases include diabetic retinopathy, age-related macular degeneration, hypertension (high blood pressure), retinal detachments, glaucoma and even some cancers.